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Developing from research to garments, Karina Mirchandani has been extremely creative since she started designing her garments. Her fashion senses have developed and are constantly developing, as she grows older. She always pays attention to, and takes inspiration from colours, nature, various objects and her surroundings. 

In the beginning of her studies, Karina was a womenswear designer, but an opportunity came to her when she was given a project to create a lineup for children. Since then she became a childrenswear designer, and has grown a passion for children’s clothing. Her style of work consists of playing with colours, creating fun graphics and detailed designs. She strongly believes that every detail matters when it comes to design and with this belief she is able to put out the best work. 

Within a few months, Karina will be achieving a BFA in Fashion Design as a Childrenswear Designer from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 

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